What We Do

Kanabec Soil & Water Conservation District

We are dedicated to working cooperatively with landowners, groups, agencies, and other governmental units in order to promote the wise and sustainable use of our land- and water-related resources; to educate and inform the public about these uses, provide technical assistance, administer state conservation cost-share programs, and serve as a county-wide soil and water conservation and natural resources information and referral center.

What is the SWCD?

A LOCAL unit of government with 5 elected supervisors who:

  • Provide local leadership and direction for applying conservation practices on the land
  • Coordinate the activities of federal, state, and local agencies to administer conservation services and funding
  • Develop conservation plans, educational programs, technical information, and demonstrations utilizing the expertise of its own employees
  • Work with landowners, other agencies, associations, corporations, cities, townships, and the county to plan and install conservation measures.

Services and Programs Available

Low Interest Loans

Provides loans through the Minnesota Department of Agriculture for upgrading septic systems, manure handling equipment, tillage equipment, or any other conservation practice that improves water quality.

District Cost-Share

Provides cost-share dollars for various conservation best management practices.

Snake River Watershed Management Board & Citizens Advisory Committee

Provides technical and advisory duties for various conservation practices for water quality improvements. Assists the state and Snake River Watershed Management Board with the Impaired Waters Program and helps in the development of a total maximum daily load (TMDL) study and implementation.

RIM – Reinvest in Minnesota

Administers the RIM Reserve for the state, which requires perpetual easements on property within the county to protect natural resources.

Other Programs & Activities

Maintains rainfall observation network and groundwater well monitoring. Staff assists the Coalition of Lake Associations with Aquatic Invasive Species prevention and eradication.

Engineering and Vegetation Restoration Management

Assists landowners with design, survey, and construction inspections for feedlot runoff control, animal waste systems, lakeshore erosion control, grassed waterways, sediment basis and raingardens, wetland restorations, vegetation buffers, and infiltration systems.


Assists landowners by offering trees and tree-related specialty items for sale for conservation purposes. Assists with design of windbreaks, shelter belts, and wildlife habitat plantings.

Forest Stewardship Plans

Assists in plan development for the management of forest resources.

Wetland Conservation Act

Assists the county in implementing the state’s Wetland Conservation Act and provides technical assistance to landowners for wetland activities.

Water Plan

Assists the county in the development and implementation of the Comprehensive Local Water Management Plan to maintain and improve water quality and quantity of the waters throughout Kanabec County.

Comprehensive Plan

2006-2016 Kanabec County Water Plan