Public Grant Reporting

Kanabec SWCD is funded by a variety of grants from state agencies including: Board of Soil & Water Resources, Pollution Control Agency, and the Department of Natural Resources. These resources allow us to put conservation practice on the ground in Kanabec County, helping protect our water and soil resources and natural heritage.


Grant Reporting

The following reflects the status of grants as of December 31, 2017.cwf-logo

Grants funded by the Clean Water, Land, and Legacy Amendment

Title Total Grant Spent to Date Agency Details
Livestock Waste Management $30,000 $30,000 BWSR CWF Feedlot
Ann River Watershed Restoration $165,590 $128,818 BWSR CWF Ann River
Mora Stormwater $30,072 $29,595 BWSR CWF Mora Stormwater
Water Resources Protection FY15 $196,200 $60,953 MPCA CWP Water Protection
Local Capacity FY2016 $115,337 $115,346 BWSR FY16 Local Capacity
Local Capacity FY2017 $137,500 $30,424 BWSR FY17 Local Capacity


BWSR Service Grants

Title Total Grant Spent to Date Agency Details
Conservation Delivery FY2016 $18,710 $18,710 BWSR FY16 Conservation Delivery
Conservation Delivery FY2017 $18,710 $18,710 BWSR FY17 Conservation Delivery
Buffer Implementation FY2016 $10,000 $9,486 BWSR FY16 Buffer Implementation
Buffer Implementation FY2017 $10,000 $0 BWSR FY17 Buffer Implementation
Buffer Cost Share FY2018 $15,000 $0 BWSR
State Cost Share FY2015 $9,607 $9,607 BWSR FY15 State Cost Share
State Cost Share FY2016 $9,607 $1,288 BWSR  FY16 State Cost Share
State Cost Share FY2017 $9,607 $0 BWSR FY17 State Cost Share
RIM Easement Delivery FY2016 $332 $332 BWSR  FY16 Easement Delivery
RIM Easement Delivery FY2017 $321 $321 BWSR FY17 Easement Delivery


Other Grants and Funding

Title Total Grant Spent to Date Agency Details
Snake Surface Water Assessment $46,411 $15,697 MPCA Snake SWAG Report
Habitat Enhancement – Burning $25,000 $22,284 DNR CPL-DNR
Ann Lake Internal Loading Study (319 Federal) $37,400 $36,461 MPCA Ann Lake 319
County Allocation – 2017 $61,262 $47,767 County  

Annual Plan



2017 Dues Paid

Minnesota Association of Soil & Water Conservation Districts: $2,696

SWCD Area 3 Association: $225

Civic Organizing, Inc.: $190

SWCD Forestry Association: $60

St. Croix River Association: $75


Budget and Financial Statement

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