Orders for the 2017 Kanabec SWCD Tree Sale will be accepted beginning on January 3, 2017. Orders will be available for pick-up in late April or early May. You may print theĀ 2017 Order Form to drop off or mail to our office.

Species and Pricing


Seedling Size


Shade Tolerance


Black Spruce 5-8″ Wet High $30
Tamarack 5-8″ Wet Low $30
Norway (Red) Pine 8-16″ Sandy Low $35
Norway Spruce 7-15″ Loam Low $35
White Pine 8-16″ Verse. Medium $35
White Spruce 8-16″ Verse. Medium $35
Deciduous Trees
White Oak** 18-24″ Loam Medium $35
Red Maple 18-24″ Sand, Loam Medium $35
Sugar Maple 18-24″ Loam Medium $35
Paper Birch 18-24″ Sand, Loam Low $35
Wild Plum** 8-18″ Gravel / Sand / Loam Low $30
Chokecherry** 8-18″ Versatile Medium $30
Redosier Dogwood** 8-18″ Clay, Loam High $30
Highbush Cranberry** 12-18″ Clay, Loam Medium $30
Herbaceous Mixed Flats (6 each of 6 species)
Pollinator Mix Smooth Blue Aster, Butterfly Weed, Meadow Blazingstar, Showy Goldenrod, Anise Hyssop, Little Bluestem $50
Shoreland / Raingarden Swamp Milkweed, Blue Flag Iris, Wild Bergamot, Golden Alexander, Brown Fox Sedge, Tussock Sedge $50

* All prices are for a bundle of 25 seedlings or transplants; includes sales tax
** Part of wildlife bundle: 5 each of selected species