Orders for the 2017 Kanabec SWCD Tree Sale will be accepted beginning on January 3, 2017. Orders will be available for pick-up on Friday, April 28th, 2 – 7pm, at the Kanabec County Fairgrounds. You may print the 2017 Order Form to drop off or mail to our office. Any trees and shrubs remaining on the 28th will be available for sale in-person.

Species and Pricing


Seedling Size


Shade Tolerance


Black Spruce 5-8″ Wet High $30
Tamarack 5-8″ Wet Low $30
Norway (Red) Pine 8-16″ Sandy Low $35
Norway Spruce 7-15″ Loam Low $35
White Pine SOLD OUT 8-16″ Verse. Medium $35
White Spruce SOLD OUT 8-16″ Verse. Medium $35
Deciduous Trees
White Oak** 18-24″ Loam Medium $35
Red Maple 18-24″ Sand, Loam Medium $35
Sugar Maple 18-24″ Loam Medium $35
Paper Birch 18-24″ Sand, Loam Low $35
Wild Plum** 8-18″ Gravel / Sand / Loam Low $30
Chokecherry** 8-18″ Versatile Medium $30
Redosier Dogwood** SOLD OUT 8-18″ Clay, Loam High $30
Highbush Cranberry** SOLD OUT 12-18″  Clay, Loam Medium $30
Herbaceous Mixed Flats (6 each of 6 species) – NO MORE ORDERS ACCEPTED
Pollinator Mix Smooth Blue Aster, Butterfly Weed, Meadow Blazingstar, Showy Goldenrod, Anise Hyssop, Little Bluestem $50
Shoreland / Raingarden Swamp Milkweed, Blue Flag Iris, Wild Bergamot, Golden Alexander, Brown Fox Sedge, Tussock Sedge $50

* All prices are for a bundle of 25 seedlings or transplants; includes sales tax
** Part of wildlife bundle: 5 each of selected species